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christmas cake

craYve’s Christmas fruit cake, with no added yeast or sugar.  It is also dairy and soya free.  It is packed with lots of yummy ingredients - the highest quality fruit and nuts, zest, Christmas spices and French cognac - making it a very special moist cake.  Our cakes are made ahead of the Christmas season giving them plenty of time for the ingredients to infuse and the flavour improve.  Our 16 cm (6”) Æ cakes are sold without icing.   They are decorated with almonds and a sugar-free marzipan christmas star.

9000      christmas cake  (950 g per cake)                                                        £ 13.00



christmas pudding - large
Our Christmas pudding also has no added sugar and yeast - it is also dairy and soya free.  We get an immense amount of flavour and sweetness from using the highest quality fruit and nuts, and the right combination of seasonal spices. Added to this, we use an organic cider and golden rum.  Our puddings are steamed using a slow traditional method, allowing all these flavours to infuse and to produce, what we think, is a truly special Christmas treat.  The pudding is 850 ml (1½ pint), which will serve eight to ten portions.

9001     christmas pudding (950 g per pudding)                                               £ 14.00


christmas pudding - medium
Our medium Christmas pudding is exactly the same as our large puddings, except they are steamed in a 570 ml (1 pint) basin.  This will serve six.

9011     christmas pudding (550 g per pudding)                                               £ 9.60


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